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Love it, really nice!

Thank you!

This is a super cute game! The sound when you jump is awesome. 

Thanks for playing and glad you like it!

I love the main mechanic, and how you made it so that platforms are both obstacles and tools to lead you to victory! All the sound effects and animations are so cute too! I really like the last level as well, since you totally redefined the usefulness of the leaves! This reminded me of that dual purpose mechanics video on Downwell :). Although I do really like the pacing, and how its so relaxing, I wanted to recommend maybe just an option to speed up season transitions, and the transition for beating a level? I was just thinking that later levels, when you have who knows how many leaves, the season transition might get a little annoying. Either way, this is so awesome, great job all around.

Thank you so much for playing and for your feedback!! We'll definitely look into the transition speeds/adding an option for it!

Great game! 

Love the pixel art; That dithered background creates nice feel to the environment!

I love the main character and its cheeriness! May need to polish it a bit so that stray bars don't show up but otherwise love the transition effect; 

The Color and environment change do convey which season it is but some sort of visual indicator on the hud showing the weather cycle would help. 

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! Someone else also suggested the visual indicator and I think it would be a great addition! Thanks so much!!

That was really great! The transitions were a very nice touch and I can see a ton of potential in your mechanics. That last level had me scratching my head for a minute! Love the art style too.

Thank you!! Hopefully the solution for the last level was amusing, thanks for playing!

This is such a charming take on the puzzle platformer. I love the mechanic of changing seasons to grow plant-platforms!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Oh, this is SO cute. Interesting that mushrooms grow in a backwards cycle. I guess that means they're actually decaying? Nifty.


That's a cool way to think about it! Thanks for playing!

Interesting! I was following this from your first post. I love the retro feel of it.

Thank you so much!